Phenomenological Perspective: Different Perspectives of the Same Vacation

When I go on vacation, I notice that I always perceive a trip differently than the rest of my family. Every person values vacation differently and I wanted to explore this. Since we were going on a cruise, the situation was perfect as everyone is stuck in the same place. I started off by interviewing my three subjects who i tried to get from 3 different age groups. My sister who is 21, my dad who is 50, and a family friend who is 13. We all went to the same places, had access to the same things (Unless age restricted) and spent most of the time together.

I started by asking what each person wanted from the trip. My sister explained that she wanted to sleep, eat, and relax. Her desire for the trip in her words were to “lay down and be horizontal.” And the biggest negative for her would be having bad weather when she wanted to lay on the deck.

My dad said that he wanted to not think of work, not do work, and avoid work. He said he desired to relax and over all not do work. His biggest negatives however were similar to my sister that he just didn’t want bad weather all week or the boat to sink.

Finally there was our family friend who is 13. He wanted to have fun, swim, and play games. He didn’t really have anything he didn’t want besides not having fun.

Then I asked my subjects to each take a few pictures through the week that represented their vacation.

My sister-

My dad-

Family Friend-

Each person portrayed an entirely different perspective of their trip through these photos. Yet they went to the same beaches, were on the same ship, and ate together for almost every meal. The things that really represented their trip were different than each other rather than the same things. Each persons personality and age are reflected in what they do. The 13 year old wanted to play games and watch movies; the 21 year old wanted to eat, drink, and lay on the beach; and 50 year old was wanting to relax, listen to music, and enjoy the time away from work.

Over all this way of thinking shows the different perspectives that are experienced through different eyes even in the same place with the same opportunities. It is interesting to see them diverge from each other and create entirely different trips in their minds.

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