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Gender in Geography

When looking at gender from a geographical stand point, it is important to notice trends and how the distribution of gender effects a field. For example, most of my teachers growing up were female. This is something that I payed little mind to as a child, yet now as I look back on it, so […]

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La Sal Data Mapping

When graphing the La Sal data, I decided to use the mean, median, and the mode to look at. I decided to just use one mode for each year rather than do it separately to just follow the general trend of the data. This data creates an average mean of about 2.8 degrees Celsius over […]

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Variations on Mapping Income in New Mexico

New Mexico has a large variation in income yet when mapped a certain way, the income variation gets erased. Using natural breaks in data, you perceive a large, evenly spaced set of data where each data grouping is even in the state. However, this isn’t the most accurate way to apply this data to the […]

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